A Little Break (and Pajama Planting)

Though The Tangled Nest is still quite new, and it may seem early to be going on a blog vacation, I will nevertheless be taking a short spring break from:

1.  The List (you know the one)
2.  The cold Seattle weather
3.  Extremely edifying books
4.  Things that plug in

I was going to add a 5, 6, and 7, but I realize that number one, “The List,” pretty well sums it up.  Maybe you can find a way to set yours aside for a bit, too.


In that spirit:  Though it was past bedtime the other night, and though she was in cef_seed_nightgown-2259her fluffy pajamas, and though we had already started enough sunflowers to plant a field in Kansas, Claire somehow convinced me that we should start some more, right away, in the dark of night.  “How can you have too many sunflowers?”  Indeed.  I had to turn some eggs out of their carton in order to have container-space for more seeds.

I love how gardening can happen in any unsuspecting moment.  Neighbors beware–young sunflower deliveries coming soon.  Meanwhile, I’ll see y’all in a week.


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