A Wee Bit O’ Madness in the Garden

p1010237-1Well, my snap peas were behaving in typical early-spring fashion–growing a lush, green, six or seven inches, then just sitting there.  But one night last week all of us were away, scattered to the winds.  Claire was on a camping trip, I was spending the night at my sister’s after an Indigo Girls show, and Tom was roaming the streets of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (that’s Abudubus Abubabuba in Ubbi Dubbi language, for all you ex-Zoomers).

When I got home the next day, two Mysterious Things had happened.

Thing one:  The peas had grown at least two inches.

Thing two:  This strange visitor had appeared.


p1010238Now when I told Tom about the visitor, he seemed suspiciously unsurprised, but his alibi was sound, what with being in Ethiopia.  “Well, it is odd,” he told me, “But we have a gnome-ish yard, and it’s not the first time this has happened.”  That’s true.  In fact, this Irish fiddler appeared in the cold frame not long ago.

I am not in favor of bric-a-brac in my garden, but what can be done?  There are forces beyond one’s control and aesthetic standards.

If anyone can explain such happenings, I would much appreciate it.  In particular:  where do garden gnomes come from, and is their appearance connected to the sudden pea growth?


  1. tom

    If I had access to a gnome, surely I would have brought him with me to photograph in front of the sites in Ethiopia. No, I think he probably was attracted to the other wee bloke’s fiddle tunes. Of course once you have a few gnomes living in your garden, they will probably attract more… it may be beyond your control. Have you tried speaking ubbi dubbi to him?

  2. Jerry

    Gnomes are like foxgloves in the woods–they lay
    just under the surface of the earth, waiting to be disturbed so they can thrust themselves into the wonderful world above. They will continue to
    flourish until the earth in which they live is no
    longer used!!!!

  3. Kelly

    Yes, I have heard Irish fiddle tunes come from your home, which always attracts gnomes. I love that Ubbi Dubbi has made it onto Wikipedia! Thanks for the fun post.

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