Crow Planet has Fledged!


Crow Planet has finally left the nest!  I have heard many writer-friends say that it seems  surreal to see their book out in the world, being read by folks they don’t even know.  Somehow, with this book, I feel just the opposite.  It seems perfectly natural to see it in other people’s hands.  I wrote it, after all, for you.

I’m out flapping around a bit myself these days, and I would love to see you at one of my upcoming events.  Monday the 10th I’ll be in Portland, at Powell’s wonderful Hawthorn location, 7:30 pm.  Please send your Portland friends. Other events are listed on my website.

The print above is called “Flying,” one of the chapter illustrations for the book by Duvall artist Dan Cautrell. He’ll be joining me at my Third Place Books reading on the 13th (Lake Forest Park location, 7 pm), displaying and selling his beautiful prints–they were extremely popular at Elliott Bay last week!


  1. I just finished reading “Crow Planet” and really enjoyed it. I was lucky enough to stumble upon it at my local bookstore – the title and cover art caught my eye. I’m so glad I picked it up!

    I currently live in Dallas and will be relocating to Seattle after the first of the year. It was an added bonus to get a little glimpse into the Seattle area.

    Thanks, Lyanda, for such a great book full of “grown-up optimism” about the state of our planet and our role in shaping the environment.

  2. Tere Sue

    I was at your most enjoyable reading at Third Place Books and mentioned a book I had recently read largely about rook roosting in Norfolk, England. The book is called “Crow Country” by Mark Cocker. As a corvid lover and anglophile, I found it a charming little book. Looking forward to getting into your book as soon as possible…..

  3. Margaret

    I enjoyed the event at Third Place books in Lake Forest Park. Currently enjoying reading your Crow Planet while sitting on my deck above my “bird sancutary” which is the converted dog run. The dog climbs chain link. So all the feeders are in the dog run and the dog is in the big yard! We used umbrellas one year when there was a baby crow on the ground who insisted on climbing the front steps to huddle at our front door. Carefully removing baby several times over two weeks, placing it among protective shrubbery.. but still being dive bombed. Even had to greet the pizza delivery people with the umbrella up! Very effective and appears all survived.

  4. Crow Planet will be my next purchase! I once saw a older crow teach a younger crow how to get french fries out of a Burger King bag left in the parking lot. (Hint: pick the bag up from the bottom and fly up – not peck at the bag on the ground.)

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