If You Want to Write by Brenda Ueland: A beautiful book (and an apology)

Brenda Ueland is the author of If You Want to Write, penned 75 years ago, and one of my most beloved books on the creative process.  Who else will tell us that aimless wandering walking, staring out the window, and “moodling” all count as doing our work?  So I was aghast to realize that when I christened my new craft room with a favorite Ueland quote, my hand somehow disconnected from my brain, and I wrote “Barbara” instead of Brenda!  Dear me!  My apologies to Ueland’s many devotees.  But what a good weekend, here in the stirring of earliest spring, to re-visit her book, or to discover it for the first time.  Happy moodling to all.


  1. kate

    You know, I didn’t even read “Barbara”; I saw “Ueland” and automatically read “Brenda.” I wonder if others did, too.

    I love her book on writing, also (and the fact that she lived a very unconventional life).

    It’s great that you’ve shared the title of Ueland’s book with others.

    1. lyanda

      Thanks, Kate. You know, I expected hundred of Ueland fans to correct me, but alas, she is less well-known in the general public than she is in my imagination! Guess it’s just you and me for now…I am happy for the opportunity to spread the word about her beautiful book and life.

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