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Travel Knitting: Tiny Projects to Take Along

April 16th, 2012 · 9 Comments ·

We spent last week in New York City, and had a fabulous time.  While packing for the trip, I knew I wanted to take a little knitting project to keep my mind and hands busy during the in-betweens of airports and cafes–it had to be something I could carry easily, that would tuck into a corner of my bag without much weight or space.  At first I thought I might finally learn to knit delicate cotton lace–the sort of thing that would edge a petticoat.  But not really requiring petticoat lace at this moment (alas), I decided instead on this cute “shawlette” I found on Ravelry.  It uses one tiny skein of super-soft lace weight yarn that rolls up smaller than a tennis ball, and circular needles that also roll up, so there are no straight needles sticking out of your purse.  I whipped up a little drawstring bag (directions here) just the right size to carry the materials, and the pattern–printed small, and cut down.  I got a bit of the project started before I left so I wouldn’t have to do the inevitable mathematics of casting-on and first rows on the airplane.  Perfect!

It doesn’t have to be knitting.  Tuck a tiny portion of any project into a little bag –drawing, watercolor, a bit of sewing, writing, even drop-spindle spinning–and take it with you.  We can be ready to create with ease wherever we are, without lugging a ton of stuff.

How do you make your creativity portable?

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  • Tom

    And yes, knitting needles are allowed on the plane…

  • Beth

    I always bring knitting on the plane with me, even bigger projects. It is such a great stress reliever, not to mention a very productive use of time. I love your idea of making a special bag for small knits. I’ll have to make one before my next flight.

  • Molly

    This is great timing! I’m packing for a trip right now and Citron has been in my queue for quite a while. I just finished Chinook ( and loved knitting it for many of the same reasons you mentioned.

    • lyanda

      You’ll love Citron–easy and pretty. I’m using the suggested Malabrigo lace–SO soft. Chinook looks pretty–did you use cotton viscose, as she suggests? Curious–I would rather use wool/alpaca.

  • Steph

    I haven’t done any knitting for so long – too busy writing in the evenings instead, plus currently hand rearing a lamb. However, you’ve spurred me into action. I must start something small and simple that I can pick up and put down easily. Love the bag fabric!

  • Nete

    Love it! I want to go to the fabric store right now and find some cute fabrics! And ribbons! I’ll just tell Sten that I’m going to the bank and running some errands….

    • lyanda

      Ha! Can I come? I’ll contrive some mysterious problem with my violin and leave it with Sten to keep him extra-busy. He’ll never know…

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