Friday Links: Hobbit Home, Pigeon Code, Friendly Sharks

Maybe it’s the Hobbit zeitgeist, or maybe it’s the dark rainy Seattle days making me yearn for coziness–whatever it is, I want to live in this cottage! (Heidi’s blog details how she built it).

Hobbit Home

What’s not to love about this feature on the ten grumpiest authors in literary history? Especially since it leads off with my beloved curmudgeon Maurice Sendak.

Beatrix Potter
Beatrix Potter

Two lovely candid photographs of Beatrix Potter and her rabbits from Retronaut.

I’ve been following this fascinating story about a pigeon skeleton found in a British chimney with a Wold War Two-era coded message attached to it. NY Times: Code Found on Pigeon Baffles British Cryptographers.

I’ve started a Pinterest account, with boards that will be of interest to gardeners, book-lovers, chicken-keepers, coop-builders, vegetarian cooks, craft-makers, corvid-lovers, and more. Come see!

And finally, these local fisherman in the Philippines have made some remarkable new friends:

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