Friday Links: Gingerbread Brownstones, Dangerous Dancing, and Ancient Trees

Cinema Bookstore: El Ateneo Grand Splendid in Buenos Aires is one of the most dramatic bookstores in the world, because the space was converted from an ornate cinema.

Natural Playgrounds: In Canada, some cities are building “natural playgrounds” that swap swings, slides and monkey bars for boulders, grassy hills and trees.

GingerbreadCosta Rica Bans Hunting: Our progressive Central American neighbors have become the first Latin American country to ban hunting for sport.

An Entire NY Block Out Of Gingerbread: Chef Renee Bauman and her friends have made an entire NYC block out of gingerbread, as a fundraiser for City Harvest.

Ladies of Manure: Need a 2013 calendar? Got a progressive attitude about night soil? Then look no further than the Ladies of Manure, a Kickstarter that will end on Sunday. (Via Root Simple)

Ladies of Poop

The Dangers of Gangnam Style: It’s the dance craze that has swept the nation – and our house, unfortunately, so I should probably warn Tom that Gangnam Style can be fatal to middle-aged men.


Earth’s oldest trees: Designer Michael Paukner has posted this great infographic of earth’s oldest tress.

Worlds Oldest Trees

You can read about (and see photos of) several of the individual trees in this article from the incredible Brain Pickings blog.

Old tree

Have a wonderful weekend!

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