Friday Links: Alcoholic Monkeys, Swedish Candles, and Procrastination

anne_of_green_gablesPublic Domain Class of 2013 The works of these authors go into the public domain this year across the European Union, Russia, Brazil, Israel, and other places with a sensible author’s life + 70 years copyright policy (not the USA…). Lucy Maude Montgomery!

Get Up And Move About The Cabin “Research published in separate medical journals this month adds to a growing scientific consensus that the more time someone spends sitting, especially in front of the television, the shorter and less robust his or her life may be.” – NY Times

vervetAlcoholic Monkeys These vervet monkeys in St Kitts have developed a taste for liquor (YouTube). Sneaky monkeys! (Tom reminded me that we had seen the same behavior by vervet monkeys in coastal Kenya, and have this photo to prove it.)

Authors Typing I love this Pinterest board of photos of authors and their typewriters.

Home Composting The NY Times devotes a large number of column inches to a funny article on home composters.

Swedish Candle Learn how to make one here, with a section of log and a chainsaw. Our friend Don introduced us to these. They make a great, self-contained bonfire, and you can even cook in a skillet or pot on top!

Swedish Candle

And just in time for the new year: The science of procrastination, and how to overcome it.

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