Thanks, Events, and One Amazing Felted Crow

First, I have to say thank you thank you thank you to all of you who have turned out to my readings and events this past month.  I have been completely overwhelmed and overjoyed at the response to Crow Planet.  Thank you for sitting (and standing) in hot crowded rooms, for bringing feathers and photos and crow stories and vegetables and joyful spirits.  I am truly grateful.

I just have to share one amazing gift I’ve received.   Remember Sister Monika Ellis, who starred in the popular post, “Transforming Refuse:  Sister Monika’s Amazing Market Bag?” This crafty and multi-talented woman surprised me with an incredible felted crow to celebrate the release of Crow Planet.


The crow’s body and wings were created from wool that Sister Monika handspun, knitted, then felted.  Sister M tells me that the most challenging part was the feet, CrowFeetwhich are fashioned of wire, wrapped in black tape, and are incredibly realistic.  I can just hardly believe this creation, and photos do not do justice.  I should add that this crow won a blue ribbon at the Thurston County Fair! It now resides in our living room and delights all who see it.  (Sister Monika lives at St. Placid Priory, a women’s Benedictine monastery, and much of Crow Planet was written in my favorite room at their guest house in the midst of Benedictine simplicity, peace, and hospitality).  Sister Monika, thank you!!!

I have a couple of really nice events coming up that I want to share.  Next Tuesday, September 8th, I’ll be doing a Seattle Audubon sponsored talk and signing at the REI flagship store in downtown Seattle.  Doors open at 6:30 p.m., the event starts at 7, and on-street parking is free and plentiful at that hour.  Other than a West Seattle event later in September, this will be my last major Seattle event for some time, and I would love to see you there.

Another event that I’m super-excited about is a partnership with Martyn Stewart in the Sourdough Speaker Series at North Cascades Institute.  Our talk is titled “Darwin’s Song:  Evolution and the Natural History of Birds,” in honor of the 200th anniversary of Darwin’s birth.  Martyn is a well-known recording artist of bird and animal sounds, and a contributor to the new book, The Owl and The Woodpecker:  Encounters with America’s Most Iconic Birds.  This is designed to be an overnight event, and anyone attending will be treated to a stay at the gorgeous NCI lodge, including their famous gourmet meals featuring local, farm-fresh foods.  A perfect autumn getaway.  I can’t wait, and encourage all of you, even if you’re outside of western Washington, to consider coming.  This place will nourish your soul.


  1. Glad to hear your book is being so well-received! I am simply delighted and inspired by the felted crow… loving fibers as I do. Thanks for including my name in your book… many people don’t realize that it was taken from the literary/scientific term for hearing birds singing.

  2. Robert C. Ross

    Hi, I really enjoyed your book, and reviewed it on

    Best, Bob

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