Stephen Colbert Takes on Clotheslines

The Seattle spring is beginning to offer an occasional sunny day.  You know what that means–Tangled Nest readers are bracing for my seasonal “It’s Time to Start Hanging Your Clothes Outside” lecture.  Instead, let’s all put our feet up and enjoy a little break courtesy of The Colbert Report:  “The Enemy Within–Backyard Clotheslines.”

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The Enemy Within – Backyard Clothesline
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For a spring refresher, have a look at my line-drying tutorial, “Laundry Secrets From our Grandmothers,” and  enjoy this lovely rite of the season.


  1. Call me a girly man, but I’ve always loved hanging laundry. For me it’s a good way to commune with nature (ie garden) in a slowed-down contemplative way. Since my hands are occupied, I can’t dart around and pull weeds and squash slugs. Early morning (when there is sun) is the best — wonderful light and a full day of rays. We used to vacation in Maine in summers and they actually posted the drying potential (there was some scientific name) with the weather forecast: Today’s clothes drying quotient is 70 percent or some such.

  2. Thanks for sharing that. It was hilarious and I’ve never understood what people have against clotheslines anyway. I also wanted to mention how much I enjoyed “Crow Planet.” I could really relate, since I am also stuck in an urban landscape for the time being– it’s a very inspirational account of becoming an urban birder.

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