Sledding in the Dark

Last night, just as the forecasters said it would, snow began to fall at about 6:30.  The entire city had been holding its breath, waiting, and we were not disappointed.  We were hit with a gorgeous, swirling blizzard, right on schedule.  The forecasters also told us that the snow would turn to rain and become a slushy mess before morning, but at 10 p.m. it was lovely–a couple of untouched, fluffy inches, with more billowing down.

It was late for Claire to go to sleep on a school night, and just as I was finally pushing her upstairs, I said, “Honey, let’s watch out the window just a bit longer–the snow will be gone by morning.”  But then I revised–“Hey, let’s bundle up and go outside!  We might not get any more snow this entire year!”  She stared at me.  “Yeah, right.  No, you don’t mean it.  Really?  REALLY???”  We all pulled coats, hats, and mittens over our pajamas and trundled into the night.  So lovely and quiet, and no one out!  We had snowball fights, listened to our soft crunching feet, and made snowballs for Tom to juggle. 

Snow Juggling on 1-1-11 from Tangled Nest on Vimeo.

We sledded down our hill in the dark dark dark.  We laughed ourselves silly.  We were reminded:  Go outside.  Break our own rules.  Don’t miss out.  The wild gifts of nature are so worth it.  (Which does not mean that I’m out trudging happily about in the morning sludge.  What a mess!  But I do think it calls for a nice second cup of coffee…)

Sledding on 1-11-11 in our pajamas! from Tangled Nest on Vimeo.


  1. Dana

    Beautiful! Wonderful! We watched it out the window because it didn’t start until after 9pm in Marysville, but we enjoyed our extra two hours in the morning before school.

  2. JJ

    Love it. So glad you went out to enjoy it. Here in Minnesota we are at 48″ and more coming today and tomorrow. I’m about to go out and snowshoe (despite the 2 degree temp) and watch the sun come up. If I’m really lucky I’ll see the neighborhood fox and will definitely enjoy the huge flocks of crows coming back from their nighttime roosts.

    Here’s what you can do if you get a little more snow next time:!

    1. lyanda

      Julian– Mills Mess, indeed! “Nice” bakatcha. I almost put that in the caption, but I didn’t think anyone would connect–sorry to “misunderestimate” my audience!

  3. I am a new-be to your blog, and I must say I loveeee it !!!! We live on Camano Island, north then West, of Everett by about 40 mins (if ya didn’t know) .. I too have a daughter, nearly nine and slowly our property has turned into a mini farm… 3 rescued dogs, 2 rescued rabbits, and 2 rescued cats. Thankfully we have been blessed with alot of property, and is the case w/this last round of weather, ALOT OF SNOW. Your PJ wearing night snow playin comment made me laugh… my daughter and I decided to sled down our nearly 400 ft driveway, in the pitch black of nite, w/the snow still falling two nights ago. She looked at me like I was nuts. “Are you serious momma??” … she about fell over when i said “totally serious” … so off we went, no PJ’s, but for sure not dressed the way we should of.. hiked to the top of driveway, giggling the whole way, and then off we went, streaking down so fast, banking the turn so perfectly, laughing so hard I about pee’d my pants (too much info??lol) Anyway … we all have a bit of crazy-ness in us still as adults, and I love that feeling ! The happiness that moment created for my daughter and myself is something I will never forget. Now, about the snow .. it can stop now !!!!Ive had enough ! I work for 911, and its been way to nuts for too long ! 😉 Thanks for your blog, I look forward to continuing to read it, especially as we are adding baby chicks this Spring to our “farm” !!!

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