Crow Planet Paperback!

I’m so happy to announce that the paperback version of Crow Planet is hot off the presses.  You can order one already from the usual online venues, and it will be in your local shop by April 21st, the official release date.

In addition to affordability, the paperback is loaded with extras:  a conversational interview with the author, a quirky new suggested reading list, and a reader’s guide for book groups.  My favorite thing about it?  The great quote from David Sedaris (love him!) on the cover.  Now if I could just hear him sing those lines in his Billie Holiday voice, my life would be complete…

Crow Planet uses the biology, natural history, mythology, and urban ubiquity of crows to explore the human relationship with nature more broadly–finding delight, even in a time of ecological crisis.  It was named a Best Book of the Year by the LA Times and Seattle Times, and won the lovely Sigurd Olson Nature Writing Award. I hope you’ll take the opportunity offered by the new “nice-priced” Crow Planet to read it if you haven’t yet, or share it as a gift with friends and loved ones.

In celebration of the new release (and in appreciation of the wonderful Tangled Nest  readers!) I will be giving away a signed copy of Crow Planet to one happy winner, chosen at random, from everyone who comments on this post or anywhere on The Tangled Nest between now and the official release date, April 21.  Many thanks for all your support!



  1. Mindy

    Congratulations! This sounds so great. I would love to give a copy of this to my best friend. Her birthday is April 25. I recently forwarded some of your blog posts to her. She wants to join the fountain pen revolution!

  2. Tom

    The book also includes something like five pages of “I love this book” quotes from reviews. It’s pretty cute to watch Lyanda thumb through all that praise in search of the title page to inscribe and sign.
    — The proud husband and promoter-in-chief

  3. I can’t wait to read this! I am a new-ish follower of yours… And I love the hope and inspiration you give to nature lovers and writers out there. You make me hopeful that I won’t have to write about vampires just to get a book published someday. 😉

  4. Paula

    LOVE your writing – and am looking forward to ‘gifting’ the new paperback to many family and friends…your first book Rare Encounters… introduced me to the world of birds and I’m hooked now! I’m happy to say I have a newfound appreciation for crows after reading this..

  5. Greetings – We have several copies of the Hardcover in our own library and have donated several more to the two Library systems on Vancouver Island. With this new development I will be able to add the title to our ‘Street’ list which deal primarily with our Outreach program. We pride ourselves on being ‘Analog Humans’ being that the Cooperative deals primarily in the recovery and reuse of Consumer Detritus, we would however appreciate an addition compatible with the E-Book readers [We send out a large number of the ‘Sony’ Reader].
    Should you require an assist with this or any development, please do not hesitate to contact us.
    Our Corvid Neighbours are just completing their renovations for this year’s season. We now have three nesting pairs in the ‘hood which will make for some enjoyment at ‘Tea Time’ for the terrestrial residents below when flying lessons start. We also have a yearling pen Mute Swan who has taken up residence in our bay. We are hoping she will find a mate this year and move on to a more wonderful life where she does not have to defend herself from the Dragon Boat hoards.

  6. Denise

    would LOVE a copy of your book! stumbled on your blog one day when I was researching the addition of chickens to my backyard – absolutely love your coop and enjoying your insightful posts very much.

  7. Lisa

    My husband’s side business is named Raven’s Moon Photography. He has always felt an affinity with the raven and I would LOVE to give a copy of your book to him. He has read other books on the Corvus and I’m sure he would love yours!

  8. Cynthia

    My hardcover copy of Crow Planet has already been passed around to friends and I would love to have a paperback to give as a present. Keep up the good work!

  9. I just finished Crow Planet checked out from my library. I have clung to it & now it is overdue. I really enjoyed it & am in the process of creating a book club/read along. I am in the throes of reducing my book cache, but I do allow for certain books to remain on my shelf that I refer to in the middle of the night, when my local library is closed. A signed copy would be a true treasure.

  10. lyanda

    Wow, thanks for all the kind comments, y’all. I should threaten to give something away more often!

    Rachel–I must confess that my writer-friends have decided that the way to sell hundreds of thousands of books is to pen the sequel: ZOMBIE Crow Planet.

  11. Tai

    I bought Crow Planet in hardback — absolutely wonderful book — and found your blog after I googled you in search of more information on all things Lyanda and crow. Am especially interested to see your updated reading list in the paperback version.

  12. Gia

    I’m new to your blog and am excited about your book. It looks wonderful.

    Also, any chance Jerry is available to help build a chicken coop or put a material list together for another seattle urban farmer?

    1. lyanda

      Thanks, Gia. Alas, Jerry keeps busy enough helping his adult daughters! But several people have been asking for a materials list, so maybe we’ll work on that…No promises, but I will post it if I ever get it together.

  13. Randall

    For an 89-year older often more in his head than noticing, Crow Planet was a wakeup call – like the raucus caw from a crow perched on a club sign in Anacortes whom I was about to pass unnoticed. I am talking it up to my family and fellow retirees. A copy should be sent to everyone’s Congressman. I will.

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