Tiptoe (and Bicycle) Through the Tulips

This weekend we were getting ready for the Tulip Pedal planned by our friend Nancy.  She’d invited some folks for a day of cycling around the Skagit Valley–home of the famous tulip fields–with her family cabin as base camp.  The chicks discovered our helmet-decorating project, with much cuteness ensuing:

Dressed to celebrate, we cycled around the beautiful Skagit farmland, stopping here and there to explore the muddy tulip fields.

And here’s Tom on his homemade tallbike:

Folks in SUVs slowed to photograph us with their iphones, but lots of other cyclists were out that day, too.  We ended up back at the cabin for a gorgeous lunch.  (Thank you Marty and Nancy!)

I left the tulips on my helmet while biking around my neighborhood yesterday, and was amazed at how many people smiled and waved, or slowed to wave from their cars.  How much joy a simple little effort can bring.


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