Trellis Whimsies: Bicycle “After” Photo, and Other Experiments

Remember the Bicycle Pea Trellis that I only sort of liked?  I promised an updated photo after the peas grew.  Here’s how it looked in March:

And last week:OK, yes, I love it.

And while we’re about it with the “found” trellises:  After pruning our runaway corkscrew willow, I saved some of the beautiful curving branches, and am trying one of them out as a trellis for the flowering Cypress vines we planted.  One of the seedlings already found it’s way to a low twig.  (My photographer/husband is complaining about the unforgiving midday sun, but you get the idea.)  This might look pretty, eventually.  Any creative trellising ideas in your garden?



  1. stephanie

    This is a nonsequitor, but I really think you would like the photography (the animals and some of the local landscapes) at I’m basing this on what I’m reading in your book. (I don’t know the photographer). Beautiful pictures of small bits of urban wildlife: chicadees, redwinged blackbird, a bridge on the Foster Island walk in Montlake.

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