Sleep in a Camper at Berlin’s Hüttenpalast Hotel

Hi, Tom here. As we begin to dream about upcoming summer travel, today’s post takes us pretty far out of the nest and over to Berlin and the Hütten Palast (“Hut Palace”), a hotel created by event maker Silke Lorenzen and designer Sarah Vollmer.

This is a unique hotel of campers and cabins placed inside a former factory. “We want to show the visitor a part of Berlin’s unique variety in the hotel itself. We are building our dream castle inside an old Berlin factory, hidden in the backyard of a house from the turn of the century.”

“We lovingly parody the typically German ‘Schrebergartenglück’ (the joy of spending some time in a small garden plot in the middle of many other small garden plots) and provide you with a bit of retro happiness and summer, as you relax in your garden swing outside your hut, or walk in flip-flops with your towel, even in winter, to the beautiful new showers.”

We love this for the inspired use of space, and the invitation to expand our sense of what room/home/space can mean.  Don’t you want to stay here?

See more at their website:

Found via Guerrilla Innovation.

By the way have you northwesterners visited our friend Lauren’s awesome budget travel site Northwest Cheapsleeps?


  1. Thanks for the shout Northwest Cheapsleeps shout out!
    I saw this same place a few months back on another blog; it’s clearly struck a chord with people. Our little fantasy is that we’d have enough room in our backyard to have a vintage camper with a patio as our guest room for people who stay with us through Casa Casa. Or neighbors that get locked out their house and need a place to crash. Or a Dad that just needs a night to himself. You know.

      1. tom

        You people need to dream bigger! You can come stay on my private island, I’ll send the chopper for you. Some guests will enjoy the guesthouse, but some will prefer to stay on the yacht moored at the dock.

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