Deconstructing Dinner: An Interview at The Tangled Nest for a New TV Series

Last Saturday I was delighted to welcome the good folks from Deconstructing Dinner for an afternoon at The Tangled Nest.  Until a couple of years ago, Deconstructing Dinner was an internationally syndicated radio show covering food and the emerging food culture, with a focus on the relationship between our food choices and ourselves, our households, our communities, and the earth.  Now host and producer Jon Steinman, along with his lovely crew, are parlaying that program into an online-accessible television series, premiering in 2013.  Deconstructing Dinner is headquartered in British Columbia, but the series will visit communities all over North America. Seattle is  featured as a hub for the urban chicken movement, and that was the heart of our discussion.

Jon and crew were here for the entire afternoon, exploring the coop and garden, and “talking chicken.”  Though I’m slightly worried that it made me look like the Crazy Chicken Lady,  I am nevertheless pleased to report that Marigold the Buff Orpington sat placidly in my lap for the full interview.

Jon Steinman is an intelligent, thoughtful interviewer, and this series takes the time to explore its subject with depth.  And while the show will be of interest to fans of documentaries like King Corn and Fast Food Nation, what I really love about Deconstructing Dinner is that it goes  beyond statistics and ranting to explore personal, practical actions that can engage individuals in “nourishing” their own, everyday relationship to food.  Find out more at the project website, where you can watch the sizzle real for the upcoming series (and find out how to lend your support!).  I’ll send an update when the series release is approaching, but in the meantime you can enjoy archived episodes of the radio show.


  1. Urban Chicken Keeper

    This sounds like a great project! I will check out the radio shows and look for the TV program. I love it that Marigold will cuddle in your lap for that long, our chickens are not that friendly.

  2. Kelly

    “Deconstructing Dinner” is exciting for me to learn about, so thank you! What a nice platform for Marigold to make a TV debut! What a professional! Looking forward to watching…

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