November 23rd is Buy Nothing Day

Buy Nothing Day - The Tangled Nest BlogFriday, November 23rd is national Buy Nothing Day.  I hope you’ll join us in joyfully opting out of consumer culture for just one day.  Instead of shopping on Black Friday, we are planning to bake bread; practice our instruments and start working on some holiday duets (Claire plays cello, I play violin badly, we both play piano, and Tom plays, um, cowbell); go for a walk in one of West Seattle’s wooded parks (no matter how much it’s raining); and come home to a nice cup of hot chocolate.  Some friends are hosting a soup, cider and board games party that evening.  Sounds relaxing!  What are your plans for a lovely day of not-shopping?

Visit Adbusters for more information on the campaign, though this year I’m really liking the site for Buy Nothing Day, UK.  (International Buy Nothing Days are not linked to Thanksgiving/Black Friday, and so are being celebrated on November 24th.)



  1. Buy Nothing Day is a great concept. We will be taking part, although it is November 24 here. Unfortunately none of us are very musical, but my wife Sharon is a great storyteller. I think we will be sitting out in the backyard watching the chickens while chatting. While it is getting warm here, a cup of hot chocolate sounds great! As the saying goes – less is more.

  2. I am not quite sure yet how we will spend that glorious free gift of a Friday, tucked in between a weekend and a holiday devoted to thankfulness…but it will definitely NOT involve shopping (though the adolescent member of our family is chafing at this…just a blip on the growth chart, we hope). I do think that crafting, baking, Monopoly, chess, and books are all in the wings, however.

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  4. Although it salready 2014 and am not sure if anyone will deign to read this comment albeit if its intereseting enough for an eco-warrior-ess/ine?

    Anyway I was listening to Public Radio a show called New Dimensions -actually last Saturday too – when I knew what I was listening to was a very well read and articulate young woman/girl on the topic of crows. It reminded me of Leicester in the UK where I grew up (post WWII) where there was an allotment called The Rookery we used as an auxillery garden to feed out evergrowing family of 6 at that time. You may know or have heard of King Richard III whose bones and remains were found there in a carpark recently? The talk or interview was entrancing and very specific I felt technically particularly on the aspects of Leopoldo and some other dude who was quoted in the program. I enjoy words and spoken words used as well as the person being interviewed. I got the feeling that this is an ‘activist’ voice which I found to be compelling and somewhat funny. Thank you. David Wilde (University New Mexico) PS There is a Youtube on ‘The Rookery’ you may fine compelling too!

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