Happy Solstice (and End of the World)

Happy Solstice, dear readers!  Assuming the world doesn’t end today (or even if it does) I wish you all a peaceful, joyful season.

On the Summer Solstice (also our wedding anniversary) a couple of years ago, Tom, Claire, and I set out to climb the highest temple in the Mayan ruins at Tikal before sunrise.  We sat hushed above the silent jungle canopy, as the birds and animals slowly came to life with the growing light.

Dusk photo of Temple of the Jaguar at Tikal, taken by Tom when we were there on June 21, 2010.

I love this dark winter season, and the promise of light the Solstice brings (something we cling to here in Seattle, where darkness settles at about 4 p.m. these days–we are getting two more hours of darkness than our friends in L.A.!).  Solstices have long been a time for celebrating the connection and balance between light and dark, heaven and earth, inner and outer.

In this bustling time of year, “outer” takes care of itself.  In an effort to tend the “inner,” I’ll be leaving technology behind for a few days.  Maybe some of you will join me in letting go of unessential screen time, Facebook, and the blogosphere for a short while, in hopes of entering more wholly this season of darkness-into-light.  The Tangled Nest will resume after Epiphany, January 6.


  1. Georgeanne

    A very appropriate suggestion. Also just wanted to tell you I just finished your Darwin book. Its such a wonderful insight into this man. Every winter I settle in an pick someone I want to know more about and this year it’s Darwin..starting with your book. Going on to the Richard Keynes book today and a biography of Alfred Russel Wallace.
    Happy Soltice to you and your family.

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