Your Amazing Urban Wildlife Photos

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Thanks to everyone who submitted your urban wildlife photos!

(Submission is now closed. One submitter chosen at random will win a copy of my new book The Urban Bestiary: Encountering The Everyday Wild.)

The photos are wonderful, and I uploaded the first batch (over 100 photos!) to Facebook today. They also appear below.

Click here to see the album on Facebook, where you can also “like,” share, and comment on the photos. (While you are there, if you have not already, please like my Facebook page.)

Facebook API came back with a faulty result. You may be accessing an album you do not have permissions to access.


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  2. Dormilona

    I just found your blog after listening to your podcast on Root Simple. I love these pix – for one thing, they prove that possums are lovely (not scary) creatures. The squirrel who appears to be working out at the gym cracked me up!

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